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About the Artist

Sergio Apaez is a Makeup Artist who translated his passion for beauty and fashion into an impressive and exceptional career. His unique combination of talent and artistry has afforded him the opportunity to work with many top brands, celebrities and productions around the world.

This formerly MAC Cosmetics Artist started his career as a self taught Makeup Artist and has accumulated his wealth of experience from Mexico City to New York, working in Editorials, Brides, TV, Fashion Designers, PR Firms, Model Agencies such as Pac Solutions and 3 Black Bird Management and with international celebrities such as Itati Cantoral, Victoria Ruffo and Jessica Fox and more.

Sergio currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been the official Makeup Artist for the beauty pageant Chica Carolina and Carnaval Carolina.

Sergio’s approach to enhancing natural beauty has made him one the top makeup artist in the area and he shows no signs of slowing down. He has officially started his company VAUS Makeup and is currently in the process of developing his own cosmetic line set to be released later on in 2016!

Sergio believes that chasing and striving for an unrealistic idea of perfection will ultimately leave you unsatisfied and empty.





True beauty comes from within, radiating from the inside out and is undeniable. The secret to achieving the beauty that defies age and time is to find the happiness within and then have me do your makeup!

Sergio ApaezCEO